Water Buffalo for the Health Conscious Consumer

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Cooking Water Buffalo Meat

The key to cooking Water Buffalo properly is LOW & SLOW!

Because of the low fat content Buffalo meat is best cooked rare to medium - 155 degrees F internal temperature

It is important to remember that Water Buffalo meat is extra lean, and will cook more quickly than other red meats. Buffalo can be used in place of beef in any recipe.


Roasts - Oven

Sear roast (rotate sides) 500 degrees for 30 minutes, season as desired, place in uncovered pan, roast at 275 degrees F. to 155 degrees internal temperature.

Roasts - Crock Pot

Place roast in crock pot frozen, add seasonings to ½ cup of liquid and pour over roast, cook at low setting for 4 – 6 hours or until Buffalo is fork tender.


Grilling– Don’t put Buffalo in the flame. Grill 4 – 6 inches above medium hot coals, do not overcook or your steak will be tough!!! 160 degrees internal temperature.