Water Buffalo Milk Soap

Water buffalo milk is a great source of nutrients and is becoming more widely consumed. Buffalo milk is much higher in fat and fatty acids, protein, caseins and many other nutrients compared to any other milk consumed today. The fat in this milk contains a high amount of triglycerides, which are short-chain unsaturated fatty acids (6) and can be quite beneficial to human health. Water buffalo milk is also much higher in vitamins and minerals when compared with cow’s milk. These minerals include almost double the amount of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin C . Due to the fact that water buffalo milk is high in many nutrients it can also be beneficial to incorporate the milk into soaps and other beauty products. The milk from water buffalo contains a high amount of fats and proteins that help to make skin feel much more nourished and moisturized. Another component in the milk is glycerin, which helps make the soap more nourishing and softening for the skin

Source: Water Buffalo Milk Soap, Hayley Micallef

Handmade Soap

Made on our Farm

Water Buffalo Milk Soap $4/bar

Buffalo Milk (produced on our farm) Soap provides nourishing properties for your skin due to the high fat content in the milk. It is very moisturizing and conditioning. Buffalo Milk is rich in proteins, minerals, Vitamin E and antioxidants.

Maple Syrup Soap $4/bar

Maple Syrup incorporated into soap adds both natural fragrance and moisture to the skin. Maple Syrup contains some antioxidants and minerals like zinc and manganese. Oatmeal added for exfoliation.


What makes our Soap different?

No preservatives, colouring or fragrance added

Most of the time what causes an allergic reaction is the fragrance or colouring added.

Even white soap is white because a colouring has been added.

We use traditional soap making methods  using the Cold Process method which takes time. We use cold pressed vegetable oils, plant oils and plant butters.  Made in small batches our soaps are hand cut.